Ginepro:aromi del legno

The Juniper is today a rare and protected plant and the yield of this type of wood is poor. In fact, it occurs in various forms depending on the environment in which it is located and grows: sapling in the valleys and bushy shrub in the slopes of the hills and mountains.

Pianta di Ginepro

Moreover, to construct a Juniper Barrel, many staves are required, the processing waste is very high and the barrels obtained are usually of small sizes. It is easy to understand that for these reasons the costs are also high.

Thanks to its strong aromatic characteristics, this wood transmits for many years strong flavors; this is why some producers keep juniper barrels outside the battery, without using its contents for the topping up operations.

Botte di Ginepro

After at least 10-15 years, the taste of the product begins to fade and take on a more elegant personality, with a precious and unmistakable bouquet.

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar aged in juniper wood therefore acquires all these particular aromatic qualities that give it spicy and almost spicy tones. Clear traces of resin production in the bottom leaving an elegant and persuasive final aroma that it invites to new tastes.

The culinary advice therefore provides to combine the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Juniper with meats of strong flavors such as game or beef fillets, Fassona beats or even fried in general, in order to enhance in a mutual way the plate and the vinegar itself.

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